Apple develops a new device with a built-in speaker and camera


The company “Apple” is developing a new product that combines the functions of traditional smart speakers with the functions of Apple TV, and the upcoming device can integrate the HomePod and the camera, according to the agency, “Bloomberg”. In an attempt to renew its smart home device offerings, journalist Mark Gorman said: The American technology company is still in the early stages of developing an advanced decoder that integrates a HomePod speaker and FaceTime camera for video calls through a connected TV.

Insiders also reported that the Apple TV itself will act as a smart speaker, to be able to execute voice commands, even when the TV is turned off, in addition to being able to control it by voice, without having to press the microphone button on the Apple TV controller. That the new device provides all the basic Apple TV functions, such as watching videos and games, in addition to smart speaker functions such as music and support for the Siri voice assistant, as well as the ability to make FaceTime calls. The company is said to be working on a high-end smart screen that combines iPad and HomePod functions.


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