An unprecedented achievement for the BFA Academy in the Junior League


Beirut Football Academy (BFA) achieved an unprecedented achievement by qualifying the two teams that represent it to the final six-round tournament of the Cubs League for players under 16 years old.
The academy, which used to be a tributary to the national teams for age groups, is participating with two teams in the aforementioned league, which includes 23 teams belonging to the most prominent local clubs, one under the name of Al-Sharq Club (born in 2005), and the other in the name of Al-Hoda Club (born in 2006), and the first succeeded in leading the second group Against Al-Nijmeh and Al-Ansar, respectively, after collecting 28 points from 9 wins and 1 draw for two losses. As for the second, he finished runner-up to Peace Zgharta, the third group leaders, by 3 points, after winning 11 matches and tied in one for two losses.

BFA President Ziad Saadeh commented on the double achievement, saying: “I was not surprised by what the team born in 2005, supervised by coach Samer Yahshouchi, has achieved, as it had previously shown great potential during its participation in the Paris Saint-Germain Cup in France, where it finished third.” He added, “The 2006 born team trained by former Al-Hikma player Rami Al-Ladaki occupied the same position in the same tournament, and most of its members were called up to join the ranks of the national team.”

The BFA Academy had received a letter from the Lebanese Federation informing it to summon the players Cedric Nassif and Ryan Nasreddin to the Lebanese national team for players under the age of 20.

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