An Israeli company ship was attacked off the Emirates without causing any casualties


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                Israeli Channel 12 television, citing Israeli officials, reported that Iran was responsible for a missile attack on an Israeli merchant ship that was attacked in the Gulf waters off the coast of the UAE.  The attack did not result in any casualties.  Naval sources also confirmed that an Israeli ship near the UAE port of Fujairah was hit by an explosion, without causing any casualties.  The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Ministry of Defense refused to confirm this news, while an Emirati response to this incident has yet to come.

                                    <p>Pro-media said <a target="_blank" href="الشرق-الأوسط/20210412-طهران-تتهم-تل-أبيب-بالوقوف-وراء-الهجوم-ضد-موقع-نطنز-لتخصيب-اليورانيوم-وتتوعد-بالانتقام" rel="noopener"><strong>To Iran </strong></a>And a TV channel <a target="_blank" href="الشرق-الأوسط/20210411-طهران-تعلن-أن-موقع-نطنز-النووي-تعرض-لعمل-إرهابي-ومصادر-مخابراتية-إسرائيلية-تقول-إن-الموساد-وراء-ذلك" rel="noopener"><strong>Israeli </strong></a>Tuesday, a merchant ship owned by an Israeli company was attacked in the Gulf waters off the coast of the Emirates.

Israeli TV Channel 12 reported that Israeli officials, whose names have not been released, held Iran responsible for the attack, which the channel described as a missile attack. She added that the ship continued on its way and there were no casualties.

Two maritime security sources told Reuters that an Israeli ship was hit near the UAE port of Fujairah as a result of an explosion, but no casualties were reported.

Officials in the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and the Defense Ministry declined to comment on the incident. A spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Transportation said he was aware of the media reports but could not confirm them. No confirmation has yet been issued from the UAE.

This incident comes one day after Iran accused Israel of carrying out a sabotage act at the Natanz nuclear facility, and after the start of indirect talks between Iran and the United States in Vienna on ways to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers.

The Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV channel quoted sources as saying the ship was named Hyperin.

Refinitiv ship tracking data showed that the Hibern Rai, flying the Bahamas flag, was heading from Kuwait to the port of Fujairah.

The Lebanon-based news agency Unews also said the ship was transporting cars and was in the Kuwaiti port of Ahmadi 48 hours ago.

The British Maritime Trade Operations Authority said in a leaflet that it was aware of the possibility of an accident near Fujairah and that investigations were underway.

Last month, an Iranian container ship was damaged as a result of an attack in the Mediterranean, two weeks after an Israeli ship owned by the same company that owns the Hypern Rai – according to United Nations shipping data – was exposed to an explosion in the Gulf of Oman.

Incidents have continued since John Biden assumed the presidency of the United States in January, who pledged to return to the nuclear agreement from which his predecessor Donald Trump withdrew with the blessing of Israel, in exchange for Tehran returning to fully comply with the agreement.

Iran said on Tuesday it would start enriching uranium to 60 percent, in a move that brings it closer to the 90 percent level suitable for building nuclear weapons.

France 24 / Reuters



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