An Egyptian artist reveals the scenes of his work as a “taxi driver”


Khairallah has stayed away from artworks during the past three years, after being ignored and not being offered any artwork.

And reflect a story Sharif Khairallah The case of many Egyptian actorsWho suffer from difficult living conditions.

“I am a failed actor and I do not know the profession of acting,” with those shocking words Khairallah reflects the extent of the despair that you have because of his current crisis, indicating that he usually says this sentence to his children at home!

The intent of the post

Khairallah commented on the post he shared on “FacebookAnd in it he monitored his personal condition, and caused an uproar in the artistic community, stressing that he did not mean all that controversy.

All he intended was to express his grief over the state of fatigue and distress he had reached due to his difficult circumstances.

The shock of “the end”

And the artist stated that he was offered the role of a “guest of honor” in the series “”The endWhich he displayed during RAMADAN month The past, while not accepting the quality of those roles, but thought to accept that; The fact that the producer company is new and the director is new and they did not know him thus gives himself an opportunity to work with them again.

Sharif added, that director Yasser Sami praised his talent after presenting the scene well, but he was surprised after that that the makers of the work did not use him again or call him.

He complained that he did not have the opportunity to appear compared to others, saying: “The artist (cosmetic official), his driver, fitness trainer and other people present tournaments during Ramadan, while he who works in art for 25 years has not been offered anything.”

Syndicate and companies

He stated that “the Syndicate of Representative Professions did not present anything to him, and that the matter is not in its hands,” explaining that “the whole problem lies in the lack of producing companies after they were in the previous time more than 20 producers, of which three are state-owned and produce 20 to 25 series and have a plan It follows it every year, including religious and historical series, while now many companies have announced that it has stopped. “

Regarding receiving an offer to work as a taxi driver in Turkey, he explained that he wrote it out of mockery and imagined that, but he would not mind if he was offered a job as a driver even if the matter reached him until he worked as a driver for artists. He explained that this is not a shame or forbidden.

And about the reason for deleting the controversial post after a few hours, Sharif revealed that he felt his confusion and controversy, and there are many people who felt sad about him, and he did not like it, and he also felt a state of fatigue, distress and loss of nerves, which prompted him to delete it.

And Sharif went on to say to his children at home that he is a failed artist, and that he is not good at the profession of acting. Because he was not offered any works, but he would like to work in that profession, explaining that “Shaliliyya and nepotism dominate the artistic scene.”

The Egyptian artist stated that he “sold everything he owned in order to spend on his family,” noting that “his age now does not match the nature of another work, as he is over 55 years old and has been working in art since 1993.”


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