An astronomer creates an image that shows in color details of the moon that humans cannot see


Astronomer Andrew McCarthy, known as cosmic_background on Instagram, highlighted the things that the human eye cannot see in a photo of the surface. the moonWhere the image was created through a light layer treatment to enhance the contours of the moon, this image shows in color the places where magma once flowed, and how it will look with the added supernatural vision.

Moon 2
the moon
According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website, Andrew says that the brighter areas show where it was flowing. Magma on the MoonAnd, in this version, the colors show how the composition changes as magma flows all at once, as well as how the effects hitting the surface add an extra flush of color, and these colors are real and representative. The hidden geological history of the moon.

Moon 3
Moon look in color

“I feel this image shows colors and features in a unique way that I have never seen before,” said the astronomer. Andrew is known for his outstanding astrophotography and recently took a snapshot of the International Space Station passing through the moon.

McCarthy explained that the rare shot of the station’s redirected view immediately became one of the favorite shots, and what made this image so great is the direction of the International Space Station at the time it was taken and the “to the second” resolution that McCarthy took for the lab as it went through the Copernicus crater on the moon. .

This lunar impact crater can be seen with binoculars slightly northwest of the center of the hemisphere facing the moon, and the solar panels, which are usually flat on each side of the station, have been seen moving at different angles due to the space walk, adding to the uniqueness of the previous image of the moon.


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