An American student dies one day after receiving a vaccine against the Corona virus … and the authorities reveal the vaccine and stop manufacturing it!


Exclusive translation The British newspaper “Daily Mail” shed light on the death of American medical student “John Foley”, who died one day after receiving the Corona virus vaccine “Johnson & Johnson” in the US state of Ohio.

According to what was reported by the newspaper, John Foley, 21, received the first dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, where his colleagues were surprised by the news of his death the next day of receiving the dose.

The CDC and the Food and Drug Administration had ordered a halt to the release of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, after Lakshmi Samarko, a Hamilton County coroner, stated that the autopsy report indicated that the cause of his death was a heart or breathing problem.

This comes after Brad Malagari, from Saint Martin, Mississippi, suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot in his brain within four hours of receiving a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but so far there is no clear evidence confirming that the vaccine is responsible for the death Foley or Malagari.


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