American restaurants begin to gradually lift restrictions … and a rise in meal prices


Newspaper reportedWall Street Journal“That the prices of eating food in American fast-food restaurants increased by 6.3 percent in February compared to the same period last year, the largest annual increase since 1997.

According to the Ministry of Labor data, the prices of dining inside restaurants in general in the United States rose by 2.9 percent, at a time when restaurants say they face higher costs due to the repercussions of the epidemic, inflation and increased wages.

After a year of shutting down domestic services at American restaurants and imposing social distancing restrictions on sitting in them, some cities began easing those restrictions over the past month, according to Yelp, a San Francisco-based public company.

And 75 percent of American restaurants are open normally as the number of people eating outdoors approaches pre-epidemic levels, according to the reservations site “OpenTable.”

And while restaurants try to resume normal service, some of the practices imposed by the epidemic will remain in place so far.

The rules for eating vary from state to state according to the percentage of recorded infections, but most states still require restaurant-goers to wear face masks when they are not sitting at their tables.

People who get the vaccine fully face fewer risks of eating indoors, but they still need to take precautions; Because they are most likely surrounded by many who have not been vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The epidemic has prompted American restaurants to add digital menus that can be accessed by scanning the “QR” code, in order to reduce the frequency of touching the regular paper menus.

Don Mancinelli, a 49-year-old banker from Monroe, NJ, said restaurants near him raised prices by a few dollars per entry. But he’s mostly happy to eat dinner out again.

“I feel crazy after all this time at home,” Mancinelli added. “I used to cook 7 days a week.”


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