American doubts about relying on the “Taliban” in the peace negotiations


Reuters. Washington

A senior US military commander confirmed, on Tuesday, that he has deep doubts about relying on the “Taliban” movement as a partner in peace negotiations, while the United States is preparing to withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan within the coming months, and focus on diplomacy.

“I have deep doubts about relying on the Taliban, but we should see what they will do here?” Said the commander of the US Central Command, General Frank MacKenzie, at a meeting of the Armed Forces Committee in the House of Representatives. He added, “If they want any form of international recognition for Afghanistan in the future, they will have to fulfill the agreements they have made,” adding that the US military will still be able to monitor them and verify their actions.

McKinsey made it clear that he would present to the defense minister a plan for counterterrorism forces from outside Afghanistan by the end of this month.

He warned that the loss of the current US military network and related intelligence capabilities would have an impact.

A senior White House official said on Sunday that no one can provide guarantees about the future of Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US forces, even as he stressed that the United States will focus on threats emanating from the country.

President Joe Biden announced, last week, that US forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan, starting from the first of next May, to end the longest US war, rejecting calls for their stay, to ensure a peaceful solution to the war in the country.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001 when US-led forces overthrew it. Since then, the movement has waged a long war, and it still controls large parts of the country.


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