Alphabet’s stock jumps by more than 4% after a court ruling in its favor


Share "Alphabet" Jumps by more than 4% after a court ruling in its favor

Alphabet rose during trading on Monday, after a court ruling in favor of its giant electronic search engine, Google.

The Supreme Court in the United States ruled that “Google” did not violate any intellectual property rights when it used software code for “Oracle” in the “Android” operating system owned by “Alphabet”.

The decision of the American judiciary came by a majority of votes, which prevents “Oracle” from obtaining huge financial compensation, amounting to 9 billion dollars, from Alphabet.

And the US Supreme Court revealed that “Google” legally used software code from the “Java” language developed by “Oracle”.

It is worth noting that “Google” recently announced a plan to return its employees to work from its headquarters and offices in the United States gradually in the context of easing the closure restrictions while maintaining the precautionary measures.

In terms of trading, Alphabet rose 4.2% to close Monday’s session at $ 2218.9, recording the highest price at $ 2228.9 and the lowest price at $ 2145.2.


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