Al-Tayeb reveals the reason for Al-Hilal’s defeat against Al-Ittihad..and confirms the absence of this player has a great impact on the team!


Al-Marsad Al-Riyadiah: Tariq Al-Taib, the former player of Al-Hilal and the Libyan national team, revealed the reason for the loss to Al-Ittihad, with two unanswered goals, yesterday in the 25th round of the Professional League.
“Al-Tayeb” wrote on his Twitter account: “For the leader yesterday, he presented a second game that is better than the first half, and it is not like what some people say. His method is uncovered on the basis of teams. In front of him, he plays in an open manner and with a high tactic.”
He continued: “They are all playing with a defensive bloc and only the apostates .. Al Hilal does not have to change the way it plays, but it varies in play and how to reach the opponent’s goal,” noting: “Al Hilal has the elements that can adapt to the circumstances and control the match.”
He explained: “Sometimes the transition from defense to attack does not require more than a move, with a single pass that shortens distances and makes your attackers in a dangerous attack position, and this requires moving without a special ball from the players of the parties to create spaces in the opponent’s defense.”
He added: “How do we talk to the parties this season Salem Al-Dossary and Al-Shahrani are better than Al-Brik and Carilo … Carilo and Al-Brik this season we have not seen a big double, no centralization in play, moving without a semi-absent ball, and they are considered one of the keys to playing for Hilal, international players with experience The possibilities to help the team ”.
He concluded: “Finally, Al Hilal misses a captain inside the stadium, and here we are talking about Salman Al-Faraj, his great influence in terms of directing the players, his presence and unexpected touches, in building play and controlling the match, because of the injury, the team lost its effort and that God’s will return as soon as possible.”


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