Al-Quds people praise treachery for the presidency – Saudi Arabia News


Tomorrow (Sunday) the extraordinary general assembly will be held at Al-Qadisiyah club, after the clubs ’general election committee completes the work of the general assembly by examining the list of the only candidate for the club’s presidency, Ahmed Ghadran.Attendance registration and the holding of the General Assembly will start from 5 pm to 5:30 pm, after which the meeting will start, and at 5:40 pm the completion of the quorum will be announced, and the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors-designate Nasser Al-Daghaither, after which the financial, administrative and technical reports of the Board of Directors will be presented. To be recommended for the new board.

It is noteworthy that the work of the General Assembly of the Qadisiyah Club will take place via the Zoom electronic platform without attending the club’s headquarters, and the Clubs ’General Election Commission at the Ministry of Sports opened the doors for candidacy for membership and presidency of the Qadisiyah Club’s Board of Directors on Sunday, March 28, and closed its doors at nine o’clock in the evening, on Thursday. In the past, Ahmed Ghadran presented his list for the presidency and membership of the club’s board of directors, and a number of current members were present with him on the list, and the board consists of the membership of Muhammad Al-Saleh, Hamad Al-Ammar, Saud Al-Swailem, Thamer Al-Dossary, Badr Al-Rajeeb, Turki Al-Jahlan, and Mishaal Al-Saeed.

The Ministry of Sports announced the preliminary list of members of the General Assembly who are entitled to attend and vote in the Qadisiyah Club Association. The list, which included 34 members, issued the two golden assistant members of Al-Zamil with 4,500 votes, and Ahmad Ghadran with 101 votes.


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