Al-Ittihad and Al-Raja agreed to it … a “surprising” date for the Mohammed VI Cup final


The Saudi Al Riyadiah newspaper revealed a surprising date set by the Arab Football Association for the final of the Mohammed VI Cup for Arab Clubs Championships between the Saudi Federation and Moroccan Raja.

Al-Ittihad had qualified for the final by overcoming its fellow youth, while Raja had succeeded in eliminating the Egyptian Ismaili, and the two teams were still awaiting the Arab Federation’s decision about the expected final date.

Al-Riyadiah explained that the Arab Federation suggested playing the final match in Morocco next August, about a week before the start of the Saudi League, and that the two clubs had agreed to that date.

She added that the federation is currently awaiting approval of this proposal to fix the date and start making arrangements for the awaited final.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian star of Sahel is the holder of the Arab Championship title, as he had surpassed Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia in the final, which was held in the Emirates.


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