Al Hilal match and Independence of Dushanbe on 21-04-2021 AFC Champions League


For all football fans and fans around the world, Valjul welcomes you, and for all the followers of the Asian Champions League, you are today on a date with an important match between the two teams Al Hilal and Istiqlal Dushanbe, and the match is scheduled to take place at exactly nine o’clock in Egypt local time and ten in Saudi local time, and that is to be held The match is on the ground of Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, and that is among the AFC Champions League competitions (group stage – third round). Al-Hilal presented a strong match and deserved to achieve victory and win the meeting with the three points, and he will look in today’s meeting about dropping the Tajik champion in order to be alone in the top, especially since the two teams have 4 points from a draw and a victory, taking into account that Al Hilal team tied in the first round match against Ajmak With two goals for the same.

Al Hilal match and Independence day

As for the other side, the Dushanbe Esteghlal team enters today’s match, after it presented a strong match in front of Ajmak in the last match and was able to achieve victory with three goals against two goals, and in today’s meeting the team will seek to exploit the high morale of the players in order to present a strong match in front of Al Hilal and come out with a result Positive helps the team improve its position in the group ranking table, bearing in mind that it was tied in the first match against Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai without goals and has 4 points up its sleeve.

Card match Hilal and Esteghlal

Crescent Vs Independence of Dushanbe.
Tournament: AFC Champions League (group stage – third round).
Conveyor Channels: GSA Live.
The stadium: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.
Commentator: Fahd Al-Otaibi.

Date of the match between Al Hilal and Esteghlal:

10:00 pm Saudi time.
9:00 pm, local time.
10:00 pm Palestine time.
10:00 pm Jordan local time.
10:00 pm Syrian local time.
10:00 pm Lebanon time.
10:00 pm, Iraq time.
9:00 pm, Sudan time.
10:00 pm Yemen local time.
9:00 pm, Libyan local time.
8:00 pm Tunis time.
8:00 pm Algerian time.
8:00 pm Moroccan time.
11:00 pm UAE time.
10:00 pm Bahrain time.
11:00 pm, Sultanate of Oman time.
10:00 pm Kuwait time.
10:00 pm Qatar time.
7:00 pm, Mauritania time.
10:00 pm Comorian time.
7:00 pm GMT.

The formation of the expected crescent in front of Independence

In the goalkeeper: Abdullah Al-Mayouf
In the defense line: Yasser Al-Shahrani, Jang Hyun Soo, Ali Al-Balaihi, and Muhammad Al-Barik
In the midfield: Abdullah Atif, Nasser Al-Dossary, Muhammad Keno, Hattan Bahabri
In the offensive line: Pavitimbi Gomez, Fawaz Al-Taris


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