Al-Ghandour: I will fight in the channel because of you .. and you will lose from Al-Ahly


Khaled Al-Ghandour, former player and captain of Zamalek Club, expressed his sadness and was very satisfied with his team’s loss against Al-Ahly Club at the top 121.

Al-Ahly defeated its host Zamalek with two goals to one in the match that took place the evening before Sunday at the Cairo International Stadium, which was postponed from the fourth week of the league competition.

Al-Ghandour spoke during the “Zamalekawi” program, broadcast on the White Team channel: “The players of this wonderful generation of players, but it is worth losing a league by 20 points, and we say the best team.”“.

He added: “You lose the Egypt Cup against Al-Jaysh and we say the best team. You lose the African Championship against your traditional opponent and we endure, tied against Aswan, Ghazl El-Mahalla and Wadi Degla, and yesterday you lose against Al-Ahly, next to the two defeats of Esperance back and forth, and the tie with Mouloudia.”“.

He continued: “I fight for 3 days in the Zamalek channel in order to obtain the right of the team and achieve justice, then we lose the match in the first half, and Al-Ahly is absent from 8 players.”“.

He continued: “If the junior sector or the 20-year-old team participated instead of the current one, we will achieve second place in the league, and we will beat Senegal and Chad teams in the African Championship and qualify for the group stage.“.

And he continued: “Are you satisfied?“.

He concluded, “Rami Rabia and Ali Lotfi told them for 700 years that they will not play, and there is no shot on the goal.”


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