Al-Bukhari: The drugs smuggled from Lebanon are sufficient to drown the Arab world


Al-Bukhari: The drugs smuggled from Lebanon are sufficient to drown the Arab world

Drian and Al-Shepherd are calling on the authority to take decisive steps

Monday – 14 Ramadan 1442 AH – April 26, 2021 AD Issue No. [

Patriarch Al-Rahi denounces drug smuggling to Saudi Arabia (National Agency)

Beirut: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

Saudi Arabia’s decision to stop importing vegetables and fruits from Lebanon after customs seized more than 5.3 million Captagon pills hidden in a shipment of pomegranates is still interacting in Beirut, while the Kingdom’s ambassador, Walid Al-Bukhari, announced that drugs smuggled from Lebanon are sufficient to drown the Arab world, while it is scheduled to A security ministerial meeting will be held today (Monday) at the Presidential Palace to discuss this issue. Al-Bukhari revealed in televised conversations yesterday (Sunday), that “the total of narcotic substances and psychotropic substances seized from Lebanon by drug smugglers amounted to more than 600 million narcotic pills and hundreds of kilograms of hashish during the past six years.” That thwarting its smuggling is enough to drown the entire Arab world with drugs and psychotropic substances, not just Saudi Arabia.
This case was not absent from the sermon of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai yesterday (Sunday), as he revealed that he had contacted the Bukhari ambassador, who is currently in Riyadh, and informed him of his denunciation of what happened with the Kingdom as a result of the drug smuggling operation inside one of the agricultural products, and he asked him to transfer his denunciations to the Kingdom With the hope that it takes into account the conditions of Lebanon and the farmers.
Al-Rahi called on the Lebanese state to “preserve its friendships with the Arab countries, especially with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it has always had positive stances and initiatives in favor of Lebanon and the Lebanese, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries joined them”. Sorry about drug smuggling through another friendly country, Greece, and he asked: “Are you This is how Lebanon has become in our days? ».
In the presence of the head of the Higher Coordination Committee for Farmers in Lebanon and some of its members who came, according to what the Shepherd said, “to cry out against what happened with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a result of a drug smuggling operation inside one of the agricultural products, which is not Lebanese nor after the name of any Lebanese farmer or exporter. And to demand the Lebanese state to conduct a speedy investigation to uncover the perpetrators and smugglers and to impose the most severe penalties against them, and thus address this problem with the friendly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the biggest bond for the Lebanese farmers, by exporting more than eighty percent of the production to them.
The Patriarch added: “If our officials heard the voice of God in their conscience, and his voice through the suffering of the Lebanese citizens, 50 percent of whom have become below the poverty level, while the middle class was more than 80 percent of the Lebanese people and constituted the pillar of its stability, and its voice through the collapse of the state with its institutions Its economy, finances, and the livelihood of its people, the government would have been formed since the appointment of its president in agreement with the president of the republic. The obstacles were removed, reforms and the restoration of the port and the reconstruction of Beirut were quickly initiated, the waste was stopped, the open and hidden smuggling crossings were closed, and the incomes of the ports and basic reforms were seized.

Drian: Concern and understand
In a statement, the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Abd al-Latif Derian, expressed his concern and understanding of the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “to close its borders to Lebanese agricultural products due to a smuggling operation that is condemned and rejected by law and morally, and because it has caused serious repercussions in further Lebanese economic collapse.”
Drian hoped that “the Saudi decision will be temporary until the matter is addressed by the Lebanese state, which should take rapid and decisive steps to prevent any disruption in the Lebanese-Saudi relations.” He affirmed “Lebanon and the Lebanese’s keenness to cooperate with Saudi Arabia and the brotherly Arab countries in various fields,” appealing to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “to help Lebanon get out of the crisis that the people are experiencing, in light of the faltering formation of a future government that the Lebanese are waiting for. Eagerly”.
Yesterday, stances rejecting what happened, continued, calling on the Lebanese state to assume its responsibilities. The deputy in the “Lebanese Forces” party, Cesar, who is well-known to the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, wished that an entire people would not be punished because of the corruption of a fallen group, hoping that the decision would be to prevent the entry of agricultural products to their lands temporarily. He said on his Twitter account: “Whoever stands by Lebanon in all circumstances will not abandon him, especially in this difficult phase of economic collapse and deterioration,” adding: “This scourge destroys entire societies and generations, and the Lebanese state must strike it with a firm and unforgiving hand. ».
The deputy in the same bloc, George Akis, also stressed the need for “the Lebanese judiciary to move immediately to investigate the issue of the shipment, and for state agencies to tighten control over shipments.” He asked in a radio interview: “Who is behind these systematic operations that are classified as a crime against several sectors in Lebanon? Do the Lebanese authorities dare to reveal the facts? », Considering that« Lebanon is no longer a state but an Iranian base in which Iran acts according to its interests ». He believed that “everything that is happening calls for a move to stand behind the initiative of Patriarch Bechara al-Ra’i and implement what has not been implemented to date from the Taif Agreement, in addition to accelerating the formation of the government,” considering that “the international community withdrew its hand from Lebanon while we are weeks away from the collapse. Mass ».
The resigned Phalangist MP, Elias Hanash, criticized the officials ’delay in holding a meeting to discuss this issue and take practical steps, and said in a radio interview:“ A meeting was called in Baabda on Monday to present the Saudi decision. Does the Lebanese state not work at the end of the week? Why was not a Lebanese delegation was formed that went to Saudi Arabia directly? », Expressing his fear that the authority would be condescending and arrogant towards the decision of the Gulf states.
“Has Lebanon become the Colombia of the East?” Hankash asked. Don’t the security services know who the manufacturers are? The problem is that they all know the big traders, but they don’t dare to move. ”


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