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Saudi opera Sawsan Al-Bahiti is looking forward to family meetings in Ramadan after missing them last year, amidst feelings of anxiety and fear of large gatherings.Al-Bahiti expects social distancing and congestion to remain somewhat, confirming that she enjoys purposeful television works that tell realistic stories, and unrealistic existing with high skill and creative ideas.

How did you prepare for Ramadan?

President Assad: Like every year I yearn for the blessed month of Ramadan, and every year in preparation for fasting, I start to eat less in the last week of Shaban for two meals, including a long time for the body as an introduction to fasting.

• What was the first Ramadan fasting and how old were you?

President Assad: I don’t specifically remember, he might be eleven years old.

• What did you lose from last Ramadan, and what do you need in the current Ramadan?

President Assad: Last Ramadan, I lost the family gathering, and it is what I look forward to most during Ramadan this year.

• A feature stuck in your memory from the first years of fasting?

President Assad: There is no specific feature, but I always remember the moment of breaking the fast when a family member enters and calls out “Permit!” And everyone starts eating a date or drinking water.

• What do you yearn for during Ramadan?

President Assad: I yearn for the closeness to God, the perpetual tranquility that I feel every day and the sense of forgiveness that fills me.

• In its second year, has the pandemic changed the flavor of Ramadan?

President Assad: The pandemic changed a lot in the previous Ramadan in its first year, but this year is much better, but we still feel anxious and afraid of large gatherings.

• A Ramadan habit that you gave up?

Eating too much.

• Ramadan dish that you will not miss from your table?

– Soup and samosa.

• Do you fast on social media during Ramadan?

President Assad: I do not see harm to it, but on the contrary, I benefit from it to do charitable work and learn important religious programs, through which I follow direct religious dialogues.

• Are Ramadan meetings a thing of the past?

President Assad: I was affected a lot, but I don’t think it has become a thing of the past, because social cohesion is ingrained in ourselves as an Arab society, and this is a very wonderful thing that distinguishes us, and a small virus will not be able to eliminate it.

• If we dropped last year from our life records .. Are there other years that you would like not to count from your age?

I have enjoyed all the years of my life and benefited from them. Bittersweet, but the most difficult days of Ramadan were during my university studies in the UAE.

Will you adapt to it if the pandemic continues?

President Assad: Adaptation must be done in all cases to continue life. It is irrational to reject reality, hang on to the past, and stay in the same place, while the world revolves and moves forward.

On television, are you following new work, or are you no longer tempted?

A: Yes, I enjoy purposeful television works that tell realistic stories, some of which are unrealistic, based on high skill and creative ideas. All of this improves my ideas and my ability to innovate in my next work.

• What is the effect of the word “remote” on your hearing?

•• Is a word with two meanings; Positive and negative. The negative is the meaning of separation and disintegration. The positive is the facilitation of doing a lot of work, as we saw how we were able to do various works “remotely” while we thought it was impossible to do value before.

• The first thing you will do after returning to our normal life without masks?

President Assad: Jogging outside, as I struggle to breathe with a muzzle while jogging.

Is Corona positive?

President Assad: Yes, and also a big positive. We all recognized new aspects of ourselves and were able to achieve things that we did not expect to be able to. It forced us to stay in our places and sit in one place with ourselves and with our family and enjoy with them in innovative ways, after we were always busy and running in our business, travel and meetings, and we forgot the right of ourselves and our family of time and care.

• What is the Ramadan dish that your mother prepared and would you like to taste it with the same taste?

– Love soup with meat.

How do you envision the world after the end of the pandemic?

President Assad: I expect there will be more attention to hygiene in general than before, and social distancing and crowding will remain to some extent.

• What motivated you during the years 2020 and 2021 … to breathe a sigh of relief?

A curfew, especially in Ramadan and Eid, and the inability to perform in theater.

• An application in your phone where do you live more time than its neighbors on the phone screen?

• Instagram, for the diversity of its content and its uses, from general information, to news, to shopping and others.

• A Ramadan creation you would like to last for the remaining 11 months?

• Tolerance and generosity.

• What is the relationship of Ramadan with staying up late?

Unfortunately, close relationship! Because of the late breakfast time, we are accustomed to “starting our day” at the end of it, and that causes great physical exhaustion.

• A Ramadan habit you want to quit?

• Sleeping and waking up late. I feel very tired because of it and have a hard time getting my work done during the day. But I have set a new schedule for this year and I will follow it to quit this stressful habit.

• What do you usually repeat between you and yourself?

• President: “May God have mercy on a man who knew his self.” But its meaning for me is very positive, and it is the importance of knowing our very great self and our deserving of everything that is beautiful and positive in this world.


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