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The Egyptian writer, Iman Morsal, won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the Literature Branch, the award’s organizers announced today, Thursday.

The official account of the Sheikh Zayed Prize on Facebook said that Iman Mersal won the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize, Literature Branch 2021, for her book “On the Impact of Inayat Al-Zayat”, published by “Al Kotob Khan” in 2019.

This work traces the biography of the late Egyptian writer Inayat Al-Zayat, introducing us to the messenger of Al-Zayat’s life in a cross-species work based on narration, methods of scientific research and investigative journalism.

The account said that the winning work “combines the heterosexual biography with the subjective, in the context of a balanced critical vision, that traverses the known gender horizons and blends creativity with the document and historical news, to re-read and re-present a feminist experience in a manner issued by a close review, within a coherent narrative structure.”

It is noteworthy that the United Arab Emirates organizes the awarding of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award to celebrate reading, in March of every year, by holding many activities and programs that aim to build a reading society armed with science and knowledge, and contribute to establishing the state’s position as the capital of content, culture and knowledge.

For the first time, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award has invited Russian-speaking writers to compete for the prestigious award. The award’s organizing committee said, “It is possible to nominate their works this year in two nominations,” according to the official website of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

Writers in the Russian language can participate in two nominations, the first of which is “Arab Culture” and the second is “Translation” in the Sheikh Zayed Book Competition for the year 2021, and a representative of Russia can apply for the “Cultural Personality of the Year” nominations.

The organizing committee stated, “This award is given to prominent individuals and institutions who have contributed to the development of Arab culture, to embody tolerance, and to contribute to peaceful coexistence between different peoples.”


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