Al Ain University: A study targeting the basic viral material for “Covid 19”


Researchers at the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University led by Dr. Noureddine Atatreh, Chancellor of the University, and Dr. Muhammad Ghattas, Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy, continue to work on their research project that won an academic grant from the Al Jalila Foundation (member of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives) on targeting the basic viral substance. For the “Covid-19” virus, by means of drug inhibitors, which help in its treatment.

The project is based on the discovery of small organic compounds capable of inhibiting one of the enzymes critical in the infection cycle of this virus (MPRO) by using a modern and modern approach in which multiple computer tools are mixed with laboratory experiments.

Dr. Noureddine Atatreh, Chancellor of Al Ain University, affirmed that scientific research represents one of the stakes of the UAE in enhancing its global competitiveness, and experience has shown that the country has begun to reap the fruits of planning and the strategic vision of our wise leadership.

Dr. Atatreh pointed out that “higher education institutions have a great responsibility to find innovative solutions to many of the challenges facing society, by developing scientific and medical research to discover problems and challenges and find solutions to them.”

Regarding the expected results of the research, he says: “We expect to discover small compounds that are effective against the Corona virus so that they will be the nucleus for the development of future projects for which a drug with clinical efficacy is issued.” Emirates University and Abu Dhabi New York and are optimistic about the results of the project.

Regarding the study on potential strategies to combat “Covid-19”, Dr. Dalal Kharaba says: In this study we have detailed all the data currently available that shed light on the possible methods of treating “Covid-19”, such as antiviral drugs, corticosteroids, survivors’ plasma, and vaccines. Potentially effective, clinical trials have been discussed to validate potential treatments for the virus. (WAM)


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