Al-Ahly is in “trouble” before facing Zamalek at the “Ramadan Summit”


And replace the title holder Egyptian League, Guest high-caliber against a traditional rivals ZamalekAt the Thirteenth Ramadan Summit, within the framework of the postponed fourth round competitions on Sunday, April 18th.

And the two poles faced in the month of Ramadan before on 12 occasions before facing the postponed fourth round of the Egyptian League championship, where the Red Genie achieved six confrontations, and the White defeated 3 times, while 3 others were drawn.

Zamalek tops the Egyptian League standings with 33 points from 14 matches the White Knight fought in the current season’s competition, where the team won 10 confrontations, tied in 3, and lost in one match.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly comes in fourth place temporarily with 27 points from 11 games, the defending champion has won 8 confrontations and drawn three, and the champions have not suffered any defeat yet.

Al-Ahly’s absences threaten Al-Ahmar before facing Zamalek

South African coach Pitso Musimani misses the services of a number of his players, between infection with the Corona virus or other injuries, and they are Mohamed El-Shenawi, Mohamed Hani, Yasser Ibrahim, Ali Maaloul, Hamdi Fathy, Junior Ajay, Mohamed Mahmoud, Karim Nedved, Mahmoud Metwally and Mahmoud Waheed.
Sami Al-Shishini, a former Zamalek player, said in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia about facing the summit: “A difficult match for the two teams, Zamalek left Africa and is interested in maintaining the summit and completing the good performance, while Al-Ahly’s performance is not consistent, and unconvincing, but the results.” Good, he reached the quarter-finals in Africa, and won the Cup, which means progress towards the top of the league. ”

Regarding the effect of the absences of the red genie, the former white coach comments: “Of course the absences will affect Al-Ahly club, because the absences are key players such as the absence of El-Shenawi, Ajay, Ali Maaloul, Hamdi Fathi, Yasser Ibrahim, but the top match is always and the result is unexpected, and Zamalek is currently winning more chances. ”

In the same context, Mohamed Farouk, the former Al-Ahly star, says: “Al-Ahly’s absences will affect the team’s shape and the way of playing, but Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches are always different and depend on the players’ condition on the day of the match, and Al-Ahly has good elements that can compensate for the absences.”

Farouk continues: “Zamalek has a number of distinguished players. The team has won the last two confrontations and has euphoria. In addition, coach Patrice Carteron is good at dealing in Al-Ahly matches. The outcome of the match is difficult to predict, but I expect it to end in a draw.”

And the former Al-Ahly star, explaining his opinion about the positions that Al-Ahly will be most affected by against Zamalek: “Of course, the absence of Junior Ajay will affect the Al-Ahly team in the offensive side, and also Mohamed El-Shenawy in the goalkeeper center are the two centers that the team will be affected by most against Zamalek.”


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