Al-Ahly and Zamalek .. Who is the closest to winning the 121st Egyptian Summit?


This is the 121st meeting that brings the two teams together in a competition Premier LeagueAnd, in previous matches, the red team managed to win 45 times, while Zamalek succeeded in reaping the full mark in 28 meetings, the last of which was last season’s match, which ended with three goals against a goal in favor of the sons of the White Castle, and 45 matches ended in a tie between the two teams.

Although Zamalek emerged a winner from the 120th summit, after about three months, it received a painful loss at the hands of Al-Ahly Club in The final of the Horn of AfricaFor the Red Club to win the African Champions League for the ninth time in its history, before the eyes of its traditional rivals’ players.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly scored 27 points during 11 matches, while Zamalek scored 33 points during 14 games in the Egyptian Premier League, to place the white club at the top of the league, while the red giant came third in the table.

The most important question remains, who is likely to win Summit meeting Next?

Egyptian Zamalek

The start with the white club, which seeks to compensate its fans for an early exit from African Champions LeagueWhere Zamalek left the tournament from the group stage, after he was one of the finalists of the last version of it, which he lost to Al-Ahly.

Sports critic Mohamed Alaa says that Zamalek enters this meeting and has no alternative to winning. “After losing the final of the African Championship to Al-Ahly Club last season, the white fans were hoping for their team to achieve the CAF Champions League title, but after the early exit from the tournament this year, it became Local duality is the only way for the current generation of white players to regain the confidence of the fans again. “

Alaa added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Far from the team’s attempt to regain the public’s confidence, losing the derby game makes it more difficult for Zamalek to obtain the local league, especially after Al-Ahly club has played its postponed matches, and it is known that direct confrontations between the two teams affect the title track. By virtue of being the two strongest candidates to win the championship. “

And he continues: “It is about the fact that all of these conditions for the match represent factors of support and encouragement for the players of Zamalek and not pressure that may lead to their faded appearance, especially in light of the absences that Al-Ahly suffers from, there will be no justification for the white club in the event that they do not win.” .

As Alaa explains Zamalek He has a golden opportunity to take advantage of the club’s absences Ahly, And on top of it Mohammed Al Shinnawy, Whose absence is considered a major crisis for the red team’s defense line, for his leadership role, “It is not only related to the goalkeeping position, but El-Shenawi is distinguished in directing the entire defense line.”

Offensive shifts

According to the sports critic, the style of the French coach Patrice Carteron It will annoy the Al-Ahly club, “Zamalek with Carteron has the advantage of fast offensive transformations, and the recent matches of the Red Club against the Vita Club, and Al-Merreikh, confirmed that Al-Ahly suffers in front of any team that has the ability to convert quickly offensively.”

And he continues: “I expect that the two teams will not be inclined to possess the ball, and each team will play on the offensive rebounds that Zamalek is good at, while Al-Ahly fails in it often, due to the slow preparation and construction of the attack, and negative passes that disrupt attacks and give an opportunity for competitors to organize their defenses.”

Alaa also explains that the biggest crisis for Zamalek lies in the distance between the defense and midfield lines, “Zamalek depends on the offensive pressure by reducing the distance between the attack and midfield lines, and this requires the defense line to advance slightly (the two central defenders), but Carteron is afraid of counter-points, so it is not allowed to advance. For the defense line, and this makes that space an opportunity for opponents to exploit, if the opponent is Al-Ahly, then you will be facing a very active playmaker (Mohamed Magdy Afsha). “

And he adds: “The solution to this crisis lies in the advancement of the defense core a little, and the use of Hazem Imam and Muhammad Abdel Shafi in the left and right defender centers, to make them able to cover the opposite way.”

The sports critic also believes that Zamalek will not change the way he played, which he won in the last matches in the African Championship, in terms of relying on the limbs and the offensive increase of the midfielders, “Carteron is one of the coaches who do not tend to change their style, so it is expected that we will see a similar style of play. When the white team appeared in the last matches. “

Alaa assures that Zamalek will largely depend on the occasional balls, which are the most prominent signs of Carteron with the team in his first term and his current mandate, as the team with the French coach is good at dealing with fixed balls well, in addition to positive crosses that are played by the parties of the stadium, and Zamalek has an opportunity Strong to take advantage of crosses, with a weak defensive double in dealing with air balls, such as Badr Bannon and Rami Rabia. “

Alaa concludes: “The fans of Zamalek hope that their team will achieve a great victory to compensate for the failures of the recent past, and it is expected that we will see a strong performance from the players of the white team, but it is difficult to predict a winner in the summit meeting, as the training always witnesses surprises.”

Al-Ahly of Egypt

On the other hand, sports critic Mohamed Badawi says that Al-Ahly will face a difficult meeting in light of the absences in his ranks, “whatever the influence of the coach on the team, in the end he needs elements to implement his idea, and if he loses his tools, he will not be able to implement his ideas optimally.”

Badawi added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Zamalek’s motives are stronger to win, but in the end the derby remains a special tournament that the fans and players will not give up, and of course Al-Ahly players will fight to get the three points.”

The sports critic believes that Al-Ahly needs to leave the acquisition of Zamalek, to defend strongly and narrow the spaces for the players of the white club, in order to overcome the absences, most of which are related to defense, in front of a team that is fluent in quick offensive transformations.

Badawi also continues: “Al-Ahly needs to build the game faster, unlike past matches for the team, and this requires faster movement than the offensive line players. It makes it easier for the playmaker and the rest of the midfielders to pass forward, to provide an effective opportunity for Zamalek’s goal, and this cannot be cured from a match.” One, but the start should be in the summit meeting, to get the best possible result. “

Significant absences

And he continues: “In light of the available elements, the attacking trio of Al-Ahly will be mostly, consisting of Muhammad Sharif, Hussein Al-Shahat and Taher Muhammad Taher, with Walter Bwalia and Mahmoud Kahraba entering the second half, and these elements are characterized by speed, but the matter requires employing these speeds properly, to create Real opportunities are against Zamalek, but otherwise, they will be physically exhausted, and in light of Al-Ahly’s absences, they will be in an unenviable position. “

Regarding the midfield, Badawi says: “The closest is the presence of Al-Sulayyah and Diang in front of them, but one of the pivots will need to play larger defensive roles, in light of the defect in Al-Ahly defense due to absences, and this means that there will be shortcomings in the offensive role of this player, so Al-Ahly must build up the game faster and with fewer passes, to overcome this crisis. “

Badawi also points out that the presence of a number of new elements expected to be shared with Al-Ahly in this meeting, perhaps an opportunity for them to appear in a distinctive way, “Everyone knows the value of this match, what it represents to the public, and a distinguished performance in Derby, which automatically reserves you a special public standing when Fans of your team, and the next meeting may be an opportunity for the birth of a new star. “

And the sports critic adds: “Until now, Musimani has not settled on a fixed style of play or fixed elements, and this is due to the damage to the team, and in the derby match and in light of those absences, the South African coach will face a difficult test, after Al-Ahly has become dependent on the capabilities of its members without There is a stable playing system, and in the summit meeting, Musimani lost many of his players, and we will wait for what the team will present during the match.

Badawi concludes: “According to the current circumstances, Zamalek is the closest to winning the three points, but such matches do not recognize the logic, and are subject to small details that result in surprises, and we do not know which audience will live a good night, and on a personal level, I feel that the meeting will end in a draw.”


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