Al-Ahly advances to victory with the goal of “Al-Hawi”


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The first half of the match between Al-Ahly and its counterpart Al-Nasr, in the context of the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup, ended with Al-Ahmar advancing with a single goal scored by Walid Soliman, in the second minute of stoppage time, in the midst of a one-way takeover by the Al-Ahly club.

And the formation of Al-Ahly came As follows:

In the goalkeeper: Ali Lotfi.

In the defense line: Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Rami Rabia, Saad Samir.

In the midfield: Walid Suleiman, Salah Mohsen, Nasser Maher, Akram Tawfiq, Taher Muhammad Taher, Ahmed Nabil Kouka.

In the offensive line: Marwan Mohsen.

Al-Ahly substitutes in the match:

Al-Ahly’s bench seats are seated on: Mahmoud Kahraba, Mohamed Sharif, Badr Bannon, Aliu Diang, Afsha, Walter Bwalia, Mustafa Schubert, Muhammad Husam Mido, Abdel Rahman Ashraf..

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