Ahmed Helmy mocks the “childhood throat”: “My friend whom I lose, I am left alone.”


The star Ahmed Helmy is keen to share with his fans funny pictures and pictures from his memory wheel on social networking sites, and rare family photos. Ahmed Helmy shared a picture of him in his childhood on his personal account on the “Instagram” website, and sarcastically commented: “My friend, who preferred to complement me until now and myself. I lose it … my dear body, let go of me, I keep myself inserting the shirt into my pants. “

Ahmed Helmy on Instagram
Ahmed Helmy on Instagram

And before that, the star Mona Zaki participated for the first time in the application of “TikTok”, after launching her account on it, with a funny video of her with her husband, the star Ahmed Helmy, who appeared in it while performing a song I fell good For international star James Brown, and the video won the admiration of a large number of followers of the account on TikTok, as it recorded more than 222,000 likes in hours, and approached 2 million views.

Ahmed Helmy in his childhood
Ahmed Helmy in his childhood

The star Ahmed Helmy published a video of them through his personal account on the Instagram site, through which he appeared to embody one of the challenges of the famous Tik Tok application, with his wife, the star Mona Zaki, and soon they caught their attention, and received many comments from the stars and celebrities, on top of them the Tunisian artist Hind Sabri and the singer Angham.

The artist Ahmed Helmy gets used to interacting with his followers from time to time through his accounts on social media, including the latest tweet he posted on his Twitter account, where he interacted with it with his followers on the occasion of the approaching summer season with pictures from the X-Large movie, which he starred and shown in Earlier years ago.

Ahmed Helmy published a set of photos of his character in the movie when he was wearing his clothes with difficulty and wrote: “I am trying summer clothes,” and he mentioned in reference to the weight gain of many people during the winter period, and as soon as my dream published that tweet, his followers who were keen to joke him with similar tweets interacted with him. , In a comedic way.


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