Ahmed Al-Fishawi’s wife strongly attacks Muhammad Ramadan and mocks him and his clothes!


Nadia Al Kamel, the wife of the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, attacked the artist Mohamed Ramadan, accusing him of not paying a designer who bought more than one suit.

And she wrote on her own account on “Facebook”: “What do you pay, Najm, wish for the destruction that I took and let your business manager not want a tailor for two years, and when he came to you, they treated him in a terrible way.”“.

And she added, “I was paying better than this scandal, paying the price of the 4 bra and the 3 instead. Otherwise, every little bit, it is good, but you tell us and its riches to us also that all of your clothes are Versace Versace and you imitate them and sew the text of your clothes at the dresser.“.

And she continued: “But we are not disgraced, and every little one brings you two demolitions or someone who will give you a gift from the one who has long lived a bit of a tailor and looks up to us.”Versace . Himself, not all of them, they will destroy Versace, Khayeb … Please, star, wear in silence and pay what you owe … and last hope, Rhett, utter the word Versace True. ”It appears that she deleted the post at a later time.

It is noteworthy that a clothing designer named Ashraf Fagla announced earlier that he did not receive his fees after his cooperation with the artist about two years ago, where he designed a gift coat, then 3 suits and 4 bras..


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