Ahmed Al-Attar reveals the details of his father’s health crisis .. Ashraf Zaki and Hany Shaker intervene


The great artist Maher Al-Attar was exposed to a severe health condition, which resulted in him being transferred to a hospital, and he received the necessary treatment that led to the improvement of his health conditions during the past few hours.

The singer Ahmed Al-Attar, son of the great artist Maher Al-Attar, revealed in a special statement to Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “My father suffered from severe health problems, as he suffered from severe shortness of breath the day before yesterday half an hour before breakfast, and we quickly took him in the hospital and we followed him, thank God. Because he did not know how to breathe. “

Ahmed Al-Attar continued: “I was very afraid of my father because the scene was ugly, and I said my father’s salvation was in the spirit of Mona and his salvation ended, after he was subjected to severe shortness of breath and we took him to a hospital affiliated with the Syndicate of Musical Professions, and they followed him to put him on oxygen as they transferred him blood because he suffers from anemia.”

He added: “Thanks to Ashraf Zaki, who stood with us from the beginning and was not late for a moment. I also thank Hany Shaker and Nadia Mustafa after standing with us, as he contacted the officials and my father was treated at the state’s expense, and therefore he was transferred to the Nasser Institute .. Thank you all.” He who asked about my parents, and our Lord guide him to health, is a blessing and the best of us. “


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