Ahmed Adawiya: “The Sultan’s daughter” with a new version


Adawiya drew attention to the importance of modernizing the old successful and making it compete with modern literature

44 years after its launch, the Egyptian artist Ahmed Adaweya is preparing to release the new and modified version of the most famous popular song: “Bint Al Sultan” (Hassan Abu Othman’s words – composed by Hassan Abu Al Saud). The new version, to be released next Ramadan, was written by Khaled Al-Shorbaji and distributed by Muhammad Rajeh and Moody Mounir, and it had met with remarkable popular success more than forty years ago, especially at wedding parties. The updated version was accomplished with the desire of his own hostility, and the latter commented on this step by saying that he believed that it was a “useful” experience, and “it requires updating the successful old and making it compete with modern writings, which leads to the generation of today in one way or another, and reminds him of the works that had their creative specificity. ». The artist, Mohamed Mounir, had recently performed the song “Bint Al Sultan” in his appearance two weeks ago, within the program “Her Excellency” with Issad Younes, on dmc, and confirmed that Adawiya is the spiritual father of the popular song. The latter replied to him on his Facebook page, saying: “Oh, my love, my heart, O King of art in Egypt and the Arab world, and the song“ O daughter of the Sultan, ”is a very happy thing with my beloved and my beautiful sister, the artist, Isaad Yunus.


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