Ahmed Adawiya re-registers “The Sultan’s Bint” 44 years after its launch


44 years after its release, the popular Egyptian singer Ahmed Adaweya is re-recording a completely modified version of his most famous song, “Bint Al Sultan”.

  • Ahmed Adaweya re-recording
    Ahmed Adawiya re-registers “The Sultan’s Bint” 44 years after its launch

At the start of the holy month, the popular Egyptian singer Ahmed Adawiya is releasing his well-known song “Bint Al Sultan”, modified and remastered, in lyrics, melody and distribution. Only Adawiya is its constant.

After Edawiya recorded this rich man in 1977, she transferred him from a wedding singer to a pioneer of the modern popular song in Egypt. The lyrics of the song were written by Hassan Abu Othman, and composed by Hassan Abu Al-Saud. It had unprecedented circulation, especially on the radio. What prompted most of the singers to sing a clip or parts of it at their concerts, the last of which was the Egyptian artist Mohamed Mounir, who sang it recently during a TV interview with Issad Younes.

The new template for the song, came at the request of Adawiya himself. The song he completed 44 years ago remains there and loved, but he will offer another vision for the song in its new version for the year 2021. The common denominator between the two versions is the title and the singer.

The lyrics of the new version were written by the poet Khaled Al-Shorbaji, and the two artists: Mohamed Rajeh and Moody Mounir created a different musical arrangement from the original, at a time when those involved in the lyrical issue assert that the new version, no matter how wonderful it is, will not surpass the original.

Adawiya referred to an experiment that he believed was beneficial, and which required updating the successful old and making it compete with modern literature. Faisal, in one way or another, to today’s generation, and it reminds him of what was his creative work.


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