Ahmed Abdel Salam defends Amr Diab and Tamer Hosni after Amr Mostafa’s attack on them


The Egyptian distributor respondedAhmed AbdalsalamOn the statements of the Egyptian artistAmr MostafaWhich he attacked the Egyptian artistsAmr diabوTamer HosnyIn the “divination” program.
Abdel Salam wrote on his official account: “I wouldn’t like to talk about one of my colleagues in the artistic community, nor is this my style, but the words of the composer Amr Mostafa, provoked me very much. Firstly, Tamer Hosni is a very successful artist and very hardworking and deserves to be the star of the generation with his art and morals, this is for Tamer. Hosni. “
He added: “Secondly, you always take advantage of Amr Diab’s name in any program for you to do something and promote yourself, I do not understand even though it was the most stop your gymnast and it was a major reason for what you are in now … and by the idea Amr Diab remained successful before you a lot And he will succeed now from others as well, as well as my foolishness, my body, and all the stars whose names I mentioned … This is enough, and I will not tell you but one word, our Lord guides you, and focus on your work better instead of what you answer in the lives of people. ”


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