“Ahkam” announces the start of issuing recommendations for formal amendment requests – Saudi News


The committees reviewing real estate ownership requests began issuing their recommendations regarding formal amendments to the instruments of the deeds of validity, and handing them over to citizens through the courts successively, after the General Secretariat completed its technical and legal studies, as the justifications for the request were completed and a recommendation was issued for that. One of the committees formed in the General Authority for State Real Estate is to refer the request to the competent court for registration and seizure, in accordance with Royal Order No. (55) dated 1/1/1442 AH.

The Governor of the State Real Estate General Authority, Ihsan Bafakih, said: This first batch of recommendations issued on formal amendment requests is the first step in the completion of this pioneering national project, explaining that the committees that consider real estate ownership applications will continue to issue recommendations on the completed formal requests in turn, and refer them to the courts to terminate them. In various regions and governorates of the Kingdom, pointing out that the consideration committees have started issuing their recommendations on ownership applications with complete procedures, and are currently in the publishing and announcement stage, which is followed by the presentation to the review committee in preparation for submitting them to the High Commissioner.

The Governor of the General Authority for State Properties appreciated the unlimited support the Authority received from the shrine of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Secretary of the Crown Prince, and the follow-up of the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the success of this project aimed at establishing citizens’ properties and issuing regular documents about them and enabling them to dispose of them, noting the joint and fruitful cooperation with the Lands Committee The state is in the royal court and the justice system, and His Excellency also praised the efforts made by the General Secretariat of the Committees to consider applications for real estate ownership, as well as members of the committees and employees of the Secretariat, and congratulated them on the issuance of the first batch of recommendations, stressing the importance of intensifying efforts during the coming period and achieving the targets according to the approved plans.

The General Secretariat of the examination committees stated “tightening” that the mechanism for submitting formal amendment requests in case the applicant wishes (adding the area) only requires attaching a colored copy of the original instrument showing all marginalization and endorsement, with a survey removed from an approved engineering office for the property that contains Terms, lengths, and area in PDF It is uploaded by the beneficiary directly on the platform, and in the event that the application is for (modifying the boundaries of the instrument), whose amendment does not result in an increase in the area, then this requires a colored copy of the original instrument showing all the marginalization and endorsement, and a cadastral upload from an approved engineering office for the property. Contains terms, lengths, and area in a formula PDF، It is uploaded by the beneficiary directly on the platform, but in the case of requests to convert old non-metric measurements into metric, this requires attaching a color copy of the original instrument showing all margins and endorsements, in addition to a survey upload from an approved engineering office for the property that contains limits, lengths and area in metric measurements in a format PDF.


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