Agnelli turns on Severin and announces that Juventus will join the Super League


The owner of the Italian club Juventus Andrea Agnelli was the one who had the idea of ​​expanding the European Champions League football, but he suddenly turned and decided to prefer the revolutionary project for the Super League, in a move described by the European Union (UEFA) as deception and lies.

Agnelli decided to resign from his post as president of the European Club Association, the day before yesterday, and joined the meeting of the organizers of the special Super League, which will compete with the Champions League, in declaring war against the Confederation.

Agnelli’s theatrical resignation is not surprising to those who already see him as an administrator working only for wealthy clubs before football. The French newspaper L’Equipe had described Agnelli in an editorial in one of its issues for the month of February, that he was “a man who most harms the idea of ​​international football.” The British newspaper, The Guardian, also fired arrows at the Italian, saying that he is “trying to secure additional funds for clubs that are already rich, regardless of good or bad management.”

“The development of the Champions League has always been his constant idea, above all, to increase its economic value.” Agnelli has never ceased to admire American football and the “Super Bowl” match.

Agnelli, 45, a close confidant of Slovenian Alexander Severin, president of UEFA, was not a defender of the closed Super League, but it seems that the man who fought to revive Juventus after a historic fraud scandal was working and promoting the Super League of the rich. .

Observers believe that Agnelli, a scion of the royal family of Fiat Motors and Juventus, is a commercial man who does not consider the value of international competitions as much as he looks at the profits it reaps. 2010 year.

Until last month Agnelli was defending the future of the Champions League during European Club Association meetings, and he also floated the idea of ​​banning expensive transfers between clubs participating in

Champions League to cut costs. Agnelli was proposing to Severin to expand the Champions League in order to stand against the Super League project, and he said last March: “I hope that all the amendments to the Champions League will be completed within two weeks, which opens the door for the major tournaments to involve more than 4 teams, and so it is possible. Address the idea of ​​establishing any separate competition ».

He explained that “if the new proposals regarding governance and tournament management were agreed upon, then the clubs might expect individual commitments towards the new system in the future, and the talk about (Super League) will end.”

But the Juventus president, who was talking about improving indirect solidarity with other clubs, in the Champions League, suddenly turned on his ideas and his friend Severin, and announced his joining the rich tournament.

Agnelli assumed the presidency of the club, which was rocked by a doping scandal, and brought it down to the second division in 2006, but Umberto Agnelli’s son revolutionized the “old lady” by diversifying activities (hotel and museum), developing sponsorship, and adapting the slogan to make it more “global”. He succeeded in this framework, and the club’s shares made a huge increase. Even his contract with the best player in the world five times, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, with a big deal is nothing but a merger between two brands, which has achieved important results with titles, even if it led to imbalances in the internal balance in Juventus. A strategy aimed at making Juventus a global brand has culminated thanks to Ronaldo’s reputation, and of course Agnelli’s joining the “Super League” project is for another brand that he intends to invest in.


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