Agnelli resigns and freezes the European Super League – Erm News


date of publication:
April 20, 2021 22:59 GMT

Update date: April 21, 2021 5:42 GMT

“BN Sports” revealed that Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus, had resigned after the crises that struck the European Super League, the most recent of which was the withdrawal of the 6 English Premier League clubs from participating in the tournament.

“BN Sports” revealed, according to its sources, that Agnelli decided to resign from his position as President of Juventus, due to the ongoing dispute over the tournament, as one of its masterminds, and was attacked by Ceferin, the president of “UEFA”, for taking this step.

“It’s the biggest disappointment ever, I’ve never seen someone lie so many times as persistently as he did, it’s unbelievable,” the UEFA president said of Agnelli.

He added: “I have not seen a person lie as many times and as persistently as he did. I spoke to him on Saturday afternoon and he said: These are all lies and rumors. He has a fake personality, which I am disappointed with. ”

The channel also announced that “the European Super League project has been frozen.”

Agnelli is the vice-chairman of the European Super League, announced by Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, to the anger of some of the club’s fans.

Juventus announced its joining the tournament, which was announced on Sunday by 12 clubs in England, Italy and Spain, before they were subjected to harsh criticism.

Premier League football clubs withdrew from the European Super League on Tuesday, leaving the project in the wind 48 hours after its launch.

Manchester City was the first club to leave the new competition, followed by Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, while reports stated that Chelsea were preparing – as well – to abandon the championship.


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