After the sudden rise in “Corona” injuries … an urgent circular from the “Minister of Health” regarding the permits of the Ministry’s employees


Al Marsad Newspaper: The Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, issued a statement; An urgent circular to postpone the vacations of health workers to confront the emerging corona virus, after the sudden increase in the number of infected people.

Postponement of vacations
According to the “24 News” website; The circular stipulated that the vacations of the health staff and administrators in hospitals, health centers, supervisory departments and vaccination centers be postponed until further notice.

5 days maximum
Health affairs directors and chief executives of health clusters, or those with whom the authority is delegated, have the right to agree to a maximum leave of 5 days for workers in the pandemic when necessary, provided that the interest of work is taken into account and the service provided is not affected.

According to the circular issued by the Minister of Health, these groups will be compensated for work on holidays and official holidays with leave days, according to what is followed by law.


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