After the medical error .. What are the latest developments in the health condition of Fifi Abdo ?!


The Egyptian actress, Vivi Abdo, announced on her official page on the social networking site “Instagram”, that she has recovered completely and returned home.

And commented, saying: “Praise be to God, I returned from the hospital and found this sweet surprise on the occasion of my birthday in the midst of my children and my family every year and they are good and you are good with their love and your love so much.”

Fifi Abdo, through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook” some time ago, posted a video clip of her telling her exposure to a medical error from a doctor, where he accidentally gave her an “injection” as a result of which she was sick and was transferred to the hospital, and underwent surgery According to what was reported by “Laha” magazine.

Fifi Abdo commented, saying: “God suffices, and yes, the agent who gave me a wrong injection caused me to enter the hospital for surgery … I pray to me for the right of the holy month. All those who love me invite me, and those who hate me, may God forgive them every year, and you are good and good Ramadan Kareem.”

Fifi Abdo had announced that she had received the second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, and wrote through her account on the social networking site, Instagram: “Praise be to God, I took the second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, but of course, I’m still going to keep all the precautions to prevent corona because of the issue. “I will not leave you alone, and those around you have registered on the Ministry of Health page in order to receive the vaccine … May God protect everyone, and long live Egypt.”


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