After suffering from Corona … Zahi Wehbe is in critical health and a number of comments


Social networking sites were full of news of the deteriorating health of the Lebanese poet and journalist Zahi Wehbe, after he was infected with the Coronavirus.

A few days ago, Wehbe was discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment for the virus, but not hours had passed since his return to his home, until his health deteriorated again, and he is still in hospital now, suffering from a lack of oxygen.

A large number of observers interacted with Wehbe’s deteriorating health, wishing him a speedy recovery, and many media professionals, artists and representatives expressed their wishes for Wehbe to return to safety from this ordeal. May God grant you health, O Lord, and return to your sweet family from the Lord. We ask and, God willing, you will triumph over the dreaded Corona Zahi Wehbe.

As the Lebanese journalist Ricardo Karam wrote: “Zahi Wehbe, my dear friend and professor of everyone, is fighting the Coronavirus and will defeat it, God willing. Abu Dali will return poetry and shine on the pulpits and on the screen and continue sitting on the throne of the fourth and in the hearts of millions.”

For his part, the Lebanese journalist Sami Kulaib wrote: “Zahi Wehbe, the friend who used the language to become a shawl of Jasmine, casting it on life so that it becomes more beautiful …. and who picked from the moonlight a light that flirts with the spirit of the universe …. deserves to heal and return more beautiful and stronger. Our hearts are with you, dear, and our prayers are for you and your beautiful family. ”

Zahi had revealed a few days ago his harsh experience with Corona, and indicated that he was recovering, wishing that the virus would not infect anyone.

For her part, the Jordanian artist, Makadi Nahhas, wrote: “The beautiful friend Zahi Wehbe … all pray for you for healing and victory over this dreaded epidemic.”

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