After Reem Abdullah caused an uproar by imitating her, Hind Al-Qahtani responds with a shocking comment


Saudi actress spawnedReem AbdullahA sensation across social networking sites, after imitating the Saudi activistHind Al-Qahtani, In the series “Studio 21Which is shown inRamadan​.
The tag “Hind Al-Qahtani” took the lead on the social networking site, after Reem appeared emulating the way Hind spoke in the southern dialect.
It was remarkable that Hind commented on the scene of Reem imitating her, and she wrote: “My name is the first hashtag in Saudi Arabia after the imitation of the artist Reem Abdullah to Hind Al-Qahtani, the most beautiful and the cutest of those who imitate me.”
Reem, in turn, responded to Hind’s comment, writing: “When you deal with classy people and accept pranks with brotherhood and sincere intention, the response will be such … Thank you to creative Hind Al-Qahtani for his patience and upscale taste.”
Reem attached her response with the tag “The stalking party”, to put an end to any attack that followers may be exposed to, after imitating Hind.


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