After insulting Al-Ahly’s symbols … a controversy in Egypt regarding “the punishment for Zamalek youths”


And the Disciplinary Committee decided to stop Imam Ashour Club player Zamalek 12 games, as well as 5 players from the 99 team in Zamalek for 8 games, based on a complaint that Al-Ahly submitted to officials Egyptian Football Association.

The disciplinary committee’s penalties included a fine of Imam Ashour, the midfielder of the club’s first football team Zamalek An amount of 200 thousand Egyptian pounds, in addition to 100 thousand pounds for the five-member youth team, born in 99.

Big debate about Jabaliya punishments

A source within the Egyptian Football Association stated in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” that Zamalek sent an appeal to the grievance committee against the disciplinary committee’s penalties, indicating that the committee has the right to adopt, cancel or reduce the penalty.

The source explained that Al-Ahly also sent an appeal against the Discipline Committee decisions regarding the video clip of Zamalek players after the two teams’ match in the Republic League, which was held last Sunday evening at Al-Ahly branch, Nasr City.

Zamalek: The decision to discipline is flawed

For his part, the official spokesman for the Zamalek club confirmed Amr Dardiri In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “The Disciplinary Committee’s decision is tainted by anger, because the committee’s regulation confirms that no decision must be taken except after an investigation or a hearing, which did not happen in the case of the young Zamalek students.”

He continued: “The penalty issued against Zamalek players outside the list, how can a penalty issued against young players that no one knows know of 100,000 pounds and their contracts do not reach this amount in the first place? It is an illegal punishment.”

Regarding the steps that were taken regarding the Jabaliya decision, Dardiri comments: “We submitted an appeal to the Football Association’s Appeals Committee supported by all the texts of the clear regulations, and it is not the Disciplinary Committee because it is the last level of litigation in the Football Association.”

And about resume AhlyDardiri said: “All (Hindi films) are carried out by Al-Ahly club officials, in order to pressure the grievances committee to issue the largest punishment against Imam Ashour, because Al-Ahly cares about an imam because of his previous incident with Walid Suleiman, and Al-Ahly’s appeal is basically illegal.”

And Dardiri added, “Our petition suspends the Disciplinary Committee’s decision until it is decided upon. We are awaiting the decision of the grievances committee, and if the decision does not do us justice, we will go to the Olympic Committee’s Settlement Committee.”

And when a Zamalek spokesperson asked about their possession of videos condemning Shabab Al-Ahly players, born in 99, insulting the team, he said: “Yes, we have videos and we will present them.

Al-Ahly: Moral values ​​are more important than championships

In the context, Jamal Jabr, head of the Al-Ahly club’s media system, commented to “Sky News Arabia”: “We paid the appeal fees to the Football Association (thirty-four thousand and two hundred).

Jabr explained Al-Ahly club’s position on the disciplinary committee’s sanctions, saying: “Regulations and laws must be applied without harmonization and balances because moral values ​​are more important than heroism and victory.”


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