After he was infected with the Coronavirus: These are developments in Fadl Shakir’s health


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The singer announced Mohammed Shaker, Son Lebanese artist Fadel ShakerAbout his father’s recovery from a virus Corona Newcomer “Covid-19”, after he had been kept secret from his infection for a while.

Muhammad Shaker, through his personal account on the websites “Instagram” and “Twitter”, published posts in which he said: “Praise be to God for your safety, Pope. Praise be to God. He has been cured of Corona. May God heal your patients and protect your family.”
Fadl Shaker’s son celebrated his wedding last October. Muhammad Fadl Shaker tied the knot with a Lebanese girl named Katrina Ayman Murad, and they celebrated their wedding in a hotel in Qatar. The ceremony was limited to a limited number of relatives of the newlyweds, in compliance with safety rules in light of the spread of the emerging “Corona” virus.

On December 16, 2020, the Lebanese Military Court issued two sentences in absentia against Fadl Shaker, the first of which was imprisoned for 15 years for the crime of interfering in terrorist acts committed by terrorists with his knowledge of the matter by providing logistical services to them.

As for the second ruling, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, Shakir, and fined 5 million pounds for the offense of financing the Ahmed Al-Assir armed group and spending on it and securing the price of weapons and ammunition for it.

Fadl who has been called the “King of Romance”; Last November, on his Instagram page, he conducted a direct dialogue with his fans, and tried not to comment on the issue. Their names are from my country, and I wished that they would only see if anything was against me, I mean, they installed files and charges for me, and God is my best friend, and I want them to come up and say what I did. ”

He added, “People who do not want me to show hatred in their heart for me beyond hatred, and I do not know how a person can sleep while he is unjust, and they did not leave a charge without accusing me of it.”

In response to a question about his whereabouts, Fadl said: “I am in Lebanon in the Ain El-Helweh camp, and anyone who likes to visit me in the camp comes at any time.”

Commenting on the attack by some of the stars of the Lebanese song, he said: “There are people who look, reflect and talk, meaning you do not give my opinion an end.”

Fadel Shaker In his speech, he indirectly mocked the song of the artist, Asala, “Noktat Bayikha”; He said in his comment on the songs presented: “He tells you one time, one love that is loved, medicine, one love, another that is loved, a third love that is loved, I performed it with a zombie, I am surprised at the words of strange songs.”


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