After 23 cases of Corona were confirmed … 23 temporary mosques in 7 regions were closed


Reopen 16 after the completion of sterilization and maintenance procedures

Yesterday, the eighth of Ramadan, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance closed 23 mosques temporarily in 7 regions after 23 cases of Coronavirus were confirmed among the ranks of the worshipers, bringing the total of what were closed within 72 days to 700 mosques, and 644 of them were opened after the completion of the sterilization and the completion of readiness in the framework of caution. For the safety of those who go to the homes of God.

The ministry stated in a report issued that the closed mosques are: 11 mosques in Riyadh, 11 cases of infection were detected in them, six mosques in Al-Qassim region, six cases were monitored, two mosques in the eastern region, two cases of infection were detected, and a mosque in each of the regions (Asir, Al-Baha and Al-Jawf and Jazan) infection rate per mosque.

The Ministry indicated that 16 mosques were reopened, ten of them in Riyadh, two in Jazan, and a mosque in each of the regions (Al-Baha, Al-Jawf, Asir and the Northern Borders), after completing all precautionary measures of sterilization and maintenance.

At the end of its daily statement, the Ministry called on worshipers and mosque employees to adhere to the instructions for precautionary measures when they go to mosques, including wearing a muzzle, bringing their own carpet, and achieving physical distance for their safety.


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