Advanced position of the Saudi Foreign Minister .. Bassil: Will the prime minister-designate and the government abide by criminal scrutiny and the Capital Control Law?


The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, tweeted on his Twitter account, saying:

The advanced position of the Saudi Foreign Minister confirms that the Kingdom stands with Lebanon, not with a party to it, and its desire, like France, to support a reform program that Lebanese officials are committed to. Will the prime minister-designate and the government abide by criminal scrutiny, the Capital Control Act, and stop the money-laden subsidy policy?

Is he committed to zeroing in the electricity and budget deficits, stopping waste, with a new monetary policy that reduces interest, and with all the structural reforms that the reformers have been fighting for for years? This is the commitment expected of us, the Lebanese, and the international community, so will anyone meet? ”

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