Actress Adwa Fahd reveals to “Dot Al Khaleej” her most prominent work in Ramadan 2021, and the details of the movie “The Land of Acceptance”


The artist Adwa Fahd was able to achieve many successes in the recent period, specifically in the movie “Hadd Al-Tar”, which won the admiration of a wide sector of the public and critics, and also won many awards, and the Saudi artist participates during this period in more than one work that is scheduled to be They are shown next Ramadan.

“The Land of Acceptance” is the latest film work by Adwa Fahd

Adwa Fahd revealed, in exclusive statements to “Dot Al Khaleej,” her participation in the championship of the Saudi short film “The Land of Acceptance”, which is scheduled to participate in the Saudi Film Festival for 2021, and Adwa Fahd clarified some information about the film that is taking place in the future. (The Land of Acceptance) is a different short film, its idea revolves around the world in 2096 and how life will be at its time. “.

Adwa Fahd reveals her most prominent drama in Ramadan 2021

Adwa Fahd talked about the most prominent new dramas that she is participating in the starring in Ramadan 2021, where she explained her cooperation with the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan in the series “The Blue Rooster” and the series “No Tour” with the artist Nasser Al-Qasabi, in addition to other works. Fahd said: I participated in the series (No Curfew), which is scheduled to be shown on the TV channel mbc Starring the artist Nasser Al-Qasabi, she also participated in the series (Al-Deek Al-Azraq) with the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, Bayoumi Fouad, and Shaima Saif, and will be shown on the View platform and the Saudi channel in Ramadan. SBC In Ramadan, God willing. ”

Fahd highlighted the participation of the film “Hadd El-Tara” in the Malmö Film Festival in Sweden during these days, and confirmed her happiness with this step through which he will present some ideas about culture and cinema in Saudi Arabia. We congratulate them and talk about our reaching the world, and God willing, the film gets an award and won the admiration of the audience, and we transfer part of our culture through our films and our content to the world. ”

Fahd lit up at the Cairo Film Festival

Adwa Fahd: “Acting on stage is one of my goals in the coming period.”

Adwa Fahd also confirmed her participation in new dramas that she had finished filming during the last period, but she refused to reveal the names of these works. Theatrical works as a new step in addition to her cinematic and dramatic participation. She said: “Participation in theatrical works is one of my goals that I seek. My colleagues always talk to me that acting on stage is not enthusiastic about this experience.”

Adwa Fahd explained how she chose her roles, as she pointed to the great success that cinema and drama are witnessing in Saudi Arabia. Specifically with the projects that are being produced. ”

She added: “When I read the text and I find that the character fits the criteria that I set for myself, and based on the reading, the vision becomes clear and I choose to participate in the work, specifically if the role is an addition to me.”

Actress Adwa Fahd


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