Abu Al-Nar mocks Bab Al-Hara and reveals the secret behind its continuation (video)


Actor Ali Karim, one of the heroes of the “Bab Al-Hara” series, in which he played the character of “Al-Akid Abu Al-Nar”, left his silence recently, to denounce harsh criticism of the makers of the Levantine series, stressing that all the events in their series have nothing to do with the Levantine environment and are not based on reality and truth. Something.

These series have nothing to do with the Levant!
Karim, who participated in all parts of “Bab Al-Hara”, said in a video interview that he was distressed because he participated in the “Bab Al-Hara” series, which reflects only matters that incite hostile acts. He said: “With his life in al-Sham, there was no lane that I attacked.” He pointed out that all environmental works, including “Bab Al Hara”, are not documented, and they are hypothetical stories and have nothing to do with the Levant. “Abu Al-Nar” said that in 1920, Al-Sham witnessed the graduation of the first medical batch, in which there was a real parliament, not as it is portrayed in “Bab Al-Hara”, admitting that he participated in the eleven parts of the series for money only.

He continued: The work of “Bab Al Hara” is required in the Gulf countries and this is what concerns the producers in order to market their works, stressing that no producer working in Syrian drama has a job for the sake of art itself or has a cause or project. He noted that many of those working in the production of Syrian drama receive dictations from Gulf stations to carry out work with a certain orientation.Ali Karim exposes himself too!
Actor Ali Karim’s talk about the series “Bab Al-Hara” mocked the pioneers of social networking sites, stressing that the Syrian actors criticize and ridicule the Levantine works, but despite this they participate in it … for the sake of money and continuing to be present on the screen, even without meaning .. Some pointed out that Ali Karim continued to participate in (Bab Al-Hara) even after it was turned into ruin by the producer, Muhammad Qanbud in the last two parts, which he produced after extracting the rights to work from his founder Bassam Al-Mulla .. and that he avoided in his radio interview to indicate that the work is no longer shown on the stations The Gulf TV station because of the poor artistic attainment at the hands of the illiterate producer Muhammad Qanbad .. And Ali Karim had falsely claimed that the Gulf stations had bought it but had not yet shown it!

Most of the comments also confirmed that “Bab Al Hara”, especially under the management of Muhammad Qanbad, has become one of the worst and most trivial series of series that are falsely attributed to the Levant, and that all series about the Levantine environment are incorrect and they falsify and distort the history and the true origin of the Levant and its civilization.


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