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The actress, Elham Shaheen, was a guest in the program “Sheikh Al Hara and the Daring” with director Inas El-Deghidi on “Cairo and the People”.

During the episode, Elham Shaheen spoke about many secrets in her artistic and personal life.

In the following points, we include Elham Shaheen’s statements with Sheikh Al-Hara and the Bold:

I preferred fame and work over love at the beginning of my life, which caused me to separate from the first love in my life.

There is a complex in men from my success and it causes some problems.

– I do not mind giving bold roles at this age as long as I am convinced of the role, and I do not consider age a hindrance.

I consider the movie “The Pleasure Market” to be one of my greatest roles.

– It is possible that I will repeat my marriage to the same people if the time turns back to me. I was happy in my marriage

I do not accept an excuse for a man or a woman in the event of betrayal, for I am jealous of my husband and I do not accept his betrayal.

-I love my father very much, despite my disagreement with him, and I inherited his personality completely. I am not cruel, but he was the one who used to treat me with cruelty and tried to prevent me from achieving my dreams.

I don’t miss my father and he died in front of my eyes.

-I do not feel sad that I did not become a mother and I chose this matter willingly.

I miscarried myself because I did not feel stable in my marriage.

– Any problem faced by women in society is caused by the man, and she said, “Men want the guiding cat, and I am fierce and do not understand.”

-If I had the opportunity to play the role of an actor, I would choose Asir Yassin.

– Youssef Al-Sharif’s ideas are strange to me, how does he say that an actress is forbidden to touch him? What if I were his mother and returned from traveling ?!

– If time comes back to me, I will not participate in the movie “The Death of Samira” because it condemns the composer eloquently Hamdi, and I love his tunes. He is a brilliant person and develops music. It is not correct for us to film on an incident to condemn a great artist, and I did not realize the matter while reading the script, I did not think correctly at the time. And I declared my regret.

– Actress Rania Youssef’s behavior is unnatural, attracting attention, and she should not be looking for a trend.

– The most embarrassing situation I experienced when the dress’s zippers were torn while dancing and I tried to remedy the situation by placing my hands in the place of the rupture and I was walking on the stage with the show to make sure that the dance did not stop.

Yusra is the most important artist of my artistic generation.

I did not visit my father’s family after his death due to the lack of contact between us while he was alive.

– My last work with artist Adel Imam was the movie “Ramadan Above the Volcano”, and I did not receive any request from a producer or director to work with the artist, Leader Adel Imam.

It is worth noting that the last work Elham Shaheen participated in was the story of “Hatta Mona” from the series “Zay Al Qamar”, which was recently shown on cbc.

The story “Hatta Muna” starring Ilham Shaheen, Ahmed Wafiq, Inas Kamel, Moamen Nour, Nihal Anbar and Sarah Al Shami, written by Shahira Salam, produced by Tamer Morsi and Maha Selim, and directed by Hossam Ali.

The program “Sheikh of the Warm and the Brave” is shown daily during the month of Ramadan at exactly 6:25 pm Egypt time on the Cairo and Al-Nas channel.

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