About the amount of the advertisement and the drama .. Sawiris proposes … and a Saudi researcher responds with a joke – Saudi News


Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris criticized the amount of ads that permeate the series during the month of Ramadan, and wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account: “They are supposed to make a competition for those who can watch the highest number of series.” “The amount of advertising and drama is unnatural,” he said. Saudi researcher Najat Al-Saeed, a specialist in political communication directed at the modern Middle East, responded by recalling a joke on Comics that she published in a comment showing a man and his pregnant wife sitting in front of the television, to announce an advertisement break with the phrase “We will return after the advertisements”, then the wife appears after she gave birth to her child while she is not She is still sitting next to her husband, waiting for the ads to finish, so that the word “we are back” appears, in reference to the large number of advertisements and the time it takes.


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