Abi Ahmed reveals his final decision on the second filling of the Renaissance Dam (Details)


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The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, announced today, Sunday, that his country is proceeding with its second fillingAlNahda dam Which is built by Addis Ababa over the Blue Nile, the most prominent tributary of the Nile River.

In tweets on “Twitter”, Ahmed said that the second stage of filling Dam The next rainy season, that is, during the months of July / August, will take place in a decision that observers see negating the usefulness of negotiations with downstream countries that reject the second filling, which could cause great risks.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister claimed that the Renaissance Dam would not harm the downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan).

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had informed Washington of its adherence to African sponsorship For the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Damaki Mekonnen, said during a phone call with an advisor US National SecurityJake Sullivan, “The negotiations on the Renaissance Dam under the auspices of the African Union are necessary given that it is an impartial and fair observer.”

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asserted that “all options are on the table in terms of dealing with a crisis Ethiopian Renaissance DamNoting that everyone does not want to reach the stage of compromising Egypt’s water security. He added: “I say to the brothers in Ethiopia, we must not reach the stage of harming Egypt’s water security, because all options are on the table, and cooperation between the two sides is better.”

While the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, confirmed that his country “has taken measures to confront the possibility of water shortages with The second filling of the Renaissance Dam Next July ».

Abbas said, in a press conference, that “Sudan is taking measures to confront the possibility of water shortages with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, including storing one billion cubic meters of water in the Roseires Dam.”

On the border crisis with Sudan, the Ethiopian Foreign Minister stressed that “border disputes with Sudan must be resolved by peaceful means.”

The Sudanese military moves are causing tension in relations with Ethiopia, which denies Khartoum’s right to control these areas and refuses to place border markers, while the Sudanese army says it has regained 90% of its occupied lands by the Ethiopians.

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