A warm Saudi reception for an Iranian football team (photos)


A warm Saudi reception for an Iranian football team (photos)


Saudi Arabia welcomed the Iranian team of Foolad Khuzestan football team with flowers and sweets at Riyadh airport, which arrived in preparation for facing Al-Ain Al-Emirati with the qualifying supplement for the group stage of the AFC Champions League.

Upon its arrival, the Iranian team was received by a number of public and international relations employees of the Saudi Football Association.

The Iranian Football Association has officially requested the AFC to withdraw hosting the 2021 AFC Champions League supplement match from Saudi Arabia.

In a letter to the Asian Federation, the Iranian Federation protested the holding of the supplement match between the Iranian “Foulad” club and the Emirati “Al Ain” in Riyadh, citing “insecurity in this country.”

The AFC had granted Saudi Arabia the hosting of the third group, which includes the supplement match between Al Ain and Foulad, which will be held on April 10.

The Iranian Federation’s speech was based on its merits that the Saudi capital, Riyadh, has been under missile attacks recently, and that Foulad Club “is concerned about the security situation in Riyadh.”

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Iranian Sports Minister: The AFC decision is part of the ban scheme

The Emirati team Al Ain team was received with the same warm welcome upon their arrival in the capital, Riyadh, later on Tuesday.

Source: RT


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