A video of how a Saudi teacher made her students happy despite Corona


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social networking sites, videos showing a teacher in Saudi Arabia touring her car with students and distributing certificates and gifts in a manner that sparked widespread interaction.

And in the circulating video, which CNN in Arabic cannot confirm the date it was filmed, the teacher got off the car, accompanied by a character.Mickey MouseThe cartoonist dances before she embraces her students and presents them with a box.

The Saudi writer, Maha Al-Shaalan, re-posted a clip of the video with a comment in which she said: “What is the beauty and the elegant idea … a Saudi teacher circles to her students and distributes gifts of success and makes the hearts of her students happy .. Do you think that the students will forget this! … Rather, a memory will remain with them for the rest of their lives. .., while the Saudi lawyer Ahmed Al-Naqi commented, “Asho girls of Saudi Arabia … a Saudi teacher who shares her student the joy of success in her own way.”

It is noteworthy that the circulation of this section comes at a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts continue to confront the new Corona virus, or what has become known as “Covid-19”, including with regard to distance education and the launch of the “Madrasati” platform for distance education.

And in the latest official toll, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced, on Tuesday, that (1070) new cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been registered, (12) deaths have been recorded, may God have mercy on them, and (940) cases of recovery have been recorded, bringing the total number of recovered cases ( 390,538) case, praise be to God.


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