A unit of “ExxonMobil” is considering converting its refinery in Norway to a fuel station


ExxonMobil’s ISO unit has reported that it is conducting an assessment of converting work at its Slajin refinery to a fuel import station.

“The refineries in Europe are operating in a challenging market, where demand decreases and competition increases, which leads to an excess of supplies in the market,” Bloomberg News quoted the unit as saying in a statement on its website.

Demand for road transport fuel has declined in Norway.

Today, consultations began with workers and their representatives, as part of a comprehensive review of the facility’s long-term economic viability.

If the facility is converted into a plant, Slagen will import high-quality fuel products for further distribution through the existing infrastructure, to ensure a continuous and reliable fuel supply to ISO customers.

The basis and timing of the possible diversion will be subject to consultation with workers and dialogue with the relevant authorities.


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