A tweet by “Elon Musk” is pushing Americans to buy homes


Americans rushed to buy homes in Texas after a tweet by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk encouraged him to approach Starbys, which he plans to build in the future.

On March 30, Musk tweeted, “Please consider moving to Starbys or the larger locations Brownsville or South Padre Island in Texas. Encourage your friends to do so! ”

The American billionaire indicated that his company, “SpaceX”, to hire engineers, technicians, builders and other professionals is growing rapidly.

The “TMZ” electronic newspaper reported that internet pioneers considered Musk’s post an invitation, noting that local real estate agents immediately spotted an increase in the number of home purchase orders, describing the incident as the “Elon Musk effect.”

Real estate professionals noted that calls come to them from all over the country, and even Kenya.


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