A tantalizing picture of the actress Mounia … the fourth wife in the series Hajj Metwally


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After 20 years of the series The Hajj Metwally Family, the artist has teased Mounia, And she was The fourth wife of Hajj Metwally In the series, controversy and bewilderment, due picture It spread to her in her most recent appearance on social media.

Where the actress Monia, known as “Olft”, returned in the famous series “Hajj Metwally family“, To the art scene with a new image from inside a clinic that has sparked widespread controversy on social media, due to its changing features.

A tantalizing picture of the actress Mounia ... the fourth wife in the series Hajj Metwally

After the passage of 20 years since the series was shown, a picture of the artist Mounia has spread, and Mounia appeared in the picture, with her getting old, which made everyone remember her in the series Hajj Metwally and compare the image now with the image in the series presented in 2001.

A tantalizing picture of the actress Mounia ... the fourth wife in the series Hajj Metwally

On the image in circulation, the Egyptian artist came out, confirming that the image was published from a video of her friend, noting that the image was manipulated to appear older with age.

She said, “Most of my friends were very upset with the photo and sent it to me. In fact, I am not born in 1969, I am younger,” indicating that she does not care about rumors, in a statement to the “Cairo 24” website.

She also added, “I love me at every age, knowing my age and proud of me, and as for the picture they took from a video of my friend, Dr. Nessma, and I was there naturally, but I was taking medication for treatment ..”

A tantalizing picture of the actress Mounia ... the fourth wife in the series Hajj Metwally

And she continued: “I love every picture of Leah, while I am tired, happy, sad, or as I am, because I love my natural states, love my life and all its stages, and of course, playful in the form of the image, and it is clear and intentional.

She concluded: “Finally, with love and happiness, saying, I wish we all look in the mirror and see our faces without makeup and after it, and we will certainly see a difference and respect for each of us in that. I confirm that beauty is the beauty of the soul, and my soul is sweet and happy because the image leaves all people with their soul. Every shape, praise be to God, and of course I am a faculty member, and I am still like and singing …

In special press statements to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, the artist Mounia said about the circulating photos, saying that she “saw her and was very surprised who fabricated her because he put makeup on that made her older for many years than she looks and does not know his interest in that.” She indicated that she is not afraid of progress. Age because it is a normal situation and that she loves all stages of her life, but she does not like to fake and export an unreal image of her.

Monia added that “social media often exports pictures and unreal things, but many people think that they are real things and make annoying comments.”

And she said that whether she retired from art or not, she has not retired from art and will return through a dramatic work during the coming period, and is preparing for it at the present time.

It is noteworthy that the series “”The Hajj Metwally family“It was shown in the Ramadan season in 2001, and a large number of screen stars participated in it, including: Nour Sharif, Fadia Abdel Ghani, Majida Zaki, Ghada Abdel Razek, Sumaya El Khashab, Mounia, Mustafa Shaaban, Hussein El Sherbiny, Mimi Jamal, Raja Al Jeddawi, Aida Riad, Rania Youssef, Majdi Kamel, Nourhan, Enaam Salousa and Farouk Flox, and it was a huge success.

A tantalizing picture of the actress Mounia ... the fourth wife in the series Hajj Metwally

And “Mito” … was the most famous word for “Olft”, the fourth wife of Hajj Metwally and the youngest, played by Mounia, in the famous series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, which was shown in 2001, and at the end of the series “Hajj Metwally” succeeds. In revealing the material intentions of Alefat that deceived him with her beauty, young age and sweet words, and that she loved him in the hope of his wealth, so he divorced her and kept the rest of his original wives.

Mounia was famous in 2001 when she participated in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” after director Mohamed El-Naqaly chose her, and it was not considered her first work. Before her, she participated in the movie “Light and Fire” with Laila Elwi and Wafa Amer in 1999, and after that she presented many works between cinema and drama. Including the series “September Moon” with Mervat Amin, “A Woman’s Journey” with Nadia Al-Jundi, “Al-Sitt Assilah” with Fifi Abdo, and “Hanan and Hanin” with Omar Sharif and the second wife with Ayten Amer and Amr Abdel Jalil, and her latest work was the series “Entry. In the forbidden ».


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