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As usual, every year the public waits for the latest pranks of Ramez Jalal, in which they see new faces of their favorite stars dominated by horror and panic.

And this year, Ramez Jalal appears to his fans through the program “Ramez Aklh Flar”, which is shown by MBC Egypt, in which he continues to present his annual adventures through his dumps, and the plot begins by hosting the program team for one of the stars of art, sports or the media, where he is connected to a place somewhere. The city of Riyadh, where he is exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here begins the excitement and terror of the guest, which increases his panic and fear.

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Artist Ahmed Saad fell victim to Ramez Jalal’s plot in today’s episode of “Ramez his mind flew”.

A good follower of Ramiz Jalal over the years will easily notice the similarities between each of his landfill programs and a special program in the nature of the plot.

And this year, we will notice that Ramez has borrowed ideas from his previous program, “Ramez Wakel Al-Jaw”, in several things that we monitor for you in the following lines:

Ramez next to the guest

Ramez Jalal is shown sitting next to the victim and interacting with him during the prank, which is what we saw before in the “Ramez and Eat the Air” program, when Ramez was sitting next to his guests.

Ramez disguised

In recent years, Ramez Jalal has followed different methods of disguising and coexisting with his guests, which is what we saw with “Ramez his mind flew” in the character of the Indian man, and we also saw it in “Ramez and eat the air” with multiple non-national characters.



Spray a musty scent

Ramez Jalal is shown spraying a putrid odor that causes nausea in “Ramez His Mind Flew”, which is the same thing he did on the program “Ramez and eat the air.”

Harassment of the victim

Ramez Jalal appeared in the new plot, harassing the victim and screaming at her, which is what we saw before in “Ramez and eat the air”, where Ramez used to express his feeling of fear in the face of the victim, which causes her annoyance.



It is worth noting that among the victims of Ramez Jalal in his new program, the stars: “Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Saad, King of Koura, Ramadan Sobhi, Sumaya Al-Khashab, Wizzo, Jamila Awad, Islam Ibrahim, Nisreen Tafesh, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Heneidy, Hamo Beka, Mahmoud Jensh, Reem Mustafa, Hamada Hilal, Kinda Alloush, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Majdi Qafsha, Marwan Mohsen, Ahmed Malik, and others.

Ramez Jalal’s program, “Ramez Akle Flar”, is shown daily, immediately after the Iftar Cannon, on “MBC Egypt” at 6:30 pm, and it is repeated on “MBC Egypt” at 12:00 midnight.

“Mbc Egypt” had launched the official promo for the “Ramez Aklou” program, and according to a statement issued by the channel, it garnered more than 10 million views in less than 12 hours.

Ramez Jalal commented on the top of the advertisement for his program, “Ramez Aqilah Flew”, scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021, the trend of the Youtube video site, and the publication of the poster image of the program by the trend and wrote on Instagram: “In the name of God, God willing, there is no power except in God. On YouTube, in more than one Arab country, praise be to God and may God complete it well and complete it with covering. ”

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