A smart Samsung vacuum cleaner that directs the sound … and it sings! – Technology


On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions developed in the South Korean market, as the company looks to increase sales of home appliances amid the stay-at-home trend due to the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

The BESPOKE JetBot AI Vacuum Cleaner comes in five colors, at a price of 1.59 million won (1,430 US dollars).

The product, which was first unveiled at CES 2021, comes with Intel’s Movidius AI solution that uses LiDAR and 3-D sensors to avoid objects while cleaning hard-to-reach areas. .

Samsung said that the vacuum cleaner contains active stereo camera sensors that can detect any object more than one centimeter in height at a distance of up to one meter.

The latest cleaner has acquired a million images through deep learning technology to enhance its cleaning ability. The device can also empty the trash on its own after returning to its charging station.

Users can set up cleaning areas through Samsung’s SmartThings platform or simply by voice control of the product.

BESPOKE JetBot AI can also support Samsung’s pet care service on SmartThings. Using sensors, vacuum cleaners can alert people when animals accompanying them bark excessively or make unusual movements. She can also play music for pets.

Samsung will also provide a lifetime warranty for the product’s inverter motor.

Samsung said it expects robot vacuum cleaner sales to triple this year compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, the company said it would launch its new “BESPOKE Slim” wireless vacuum cleaner next month.



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